Ben’s Story

The vision of Racing For Lives was created through its founder, Ben Bettenhausen.

As a young child and through his teenage years, Ben lived in homes that were surrounded by alcoholism and addiction. The destruction, anger, and emotional pain that this inflicted on Ben and his family was overwhelming.

As Ben describes in his own words, "Growing up was mom was married several times. Starting with my real father and his alcoholism which overtook our home. I recall always being nervous and my stomach was constantly turning wondering what was going to happen that day...always waiting for the next explosion. Security and stability in the home were nonexistent, and trying to cope and just get through the evening so I could get out of the house the next morning became the norm."

Ben also watched his younger sister, Kim, fall into serious crystal meth addiction. He saw her family and young children spiral into a very dark pit which eventually led to the destruction of her family and her divorced husband going to prison. As Ben saw his sister Kim fall to the very bottom of her life, she lifted her hand for help and Ben and his family were able to take hold and help her through the process of recovery.

Thanks to a very special 2-year program at New Life Home For Women and Children Manchester, New Hampshire, Kim found hope, restoration and the ability to be reunited with her children, who were deeply affected emotionally. Kim and her two children have found a new life, a life filled with community, love and hope. It has been 8 years now since Kim went into the New Life Home, and just as others loved her and held her hand through the darkest moments of her life, Kim is now able to help others with the love she received, continuing to build a community of support.

As Ben watched all of this transformation take place, he realized his heart for helping families and individuals with the love and support Kim received.

For Ben, Racing For Lives is an extension of these life experiences. "To be able to help women, children, and families like my sister Kim find restoration, hope, love and a new start is my heart."

Our Team

Hugh Broder
Interim Executive Director

Carly Deiter
Business Development

Eryn Ogren
Director of Events Social Strategy

Our Board

Grace Rosado
Grace Rosado is the co-founder and Executive Director of New Life Home for Women and Children.

Rei Rocha
Founder of GANG — A marketplace for creative teams and solutions.

Mario Washington
CEO and Lead Engineer at Reboot Computer Services, inc. for 24 years.


Funding Grants

The road to recovery is tough and the pressures of life and re-entry after a long term program can be very challenging. To help address this critical need, Racing For Lives will launch Transitional Funding Grants, designed to help single mothers and their children financially transition back into their communities over a 6-month period. We intend to work directly with the programs themselves to disburse these grants, ensuring the funds are properly stewarded.

The 6 areas that our Transitional Funding Grants will address are: Housing, Transportation, Food, Clothing, Insurance, Child care.